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What Others Say About Us

Through the Partnership Forum we have met several NGO members that are help ing us to improve the health of our workers, their families, and community members.  We now support a “safe motherhood” programme with much better tools to analyze the reasons behind infant mortality and prevent it, thanks to IMPACT. Our health insurance provider, Medika Pratama, offers better benefits to workers using midwives trained by the Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI).  HOPE worldwide helped us create a new partnership with the local government health center to increase access to TB treatment through the clinic we support in partnership with Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB).  We are getting good feedback from our workers and are seeing results. Long live the Roundtable!

Debby Greatorex-Sanderson

PT Dewhirst Factory Manager, Indonesia

I can’t say enough good things about how useful the [ACCESS Partnerships] case studies and lessons-learned materials on your website have been in our new masters degree program in social enterprise. They have become the centerpiece of our graduate course on NGO-private sector partnerships. Unlike traditional business school cases, yours get right to the point and clearly convey the hard-won wisdom generated by these worthy efforts. We expect our students to build on your experiences in Indonesia and apply them throughout the world as they work to guide corporations toward having positive social impacts.
I’m sure other graduate programs in social entrepreneurship and international development will find them of equal value. Corporations interested in building an effective corporate social responsibility program would do well to discover how [ACCESS Partnerships’] approach could help them move from unproductive confrontation with NGOs to establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Robert Tomasko

Director of the Social Enterprise Program at American University’s School of International Service

The [Partnership Forum] is such a great forum! It helps us to avoid overlapping, duplicating, and overlooking things that are important to achieving our objectives. I’m learning so much.

Ananta Gondomono

Government Program Manager, Intel Indonesia

The case studies are a useful tool to increase knowledge about how to partner. We use the case study on our partnership with PT Dewhirst as a briefing and training tool for visitors to our model health clinic and students in public health graduate courses I teach. Clinic visitors include public health graduate students who work for government agencies and private health organizations in Indonesia, and NGO leaders from other countries.

Dr. Adi Sasongko

Medical Director, Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB), Indonesian NGO

The [Partnership Forum] is wonderful. In my 30 years of attending such discussions, I have hardly ever felt I was in such a safe place where people listened and gave themselves time to absorb and then comment.

Debra Yatim

Founder and Director, Yayasan Komseni, Indonesian NGO

[The Partnership Forum] is very helpful to us. It is the place where we met one of our new partners, PCI, and is an excellent forum for building relationships and learning new things. We need to continue this Roundtable – it can provide valuable guidance on how to best help local communities.

Arief Latif

Vice President, Social and Local Development, PT Freeport Indonesia

It [The special interest meeting on HIV and AIDS] was a truly educational forum, from which we made useful connections which hopefully can help propel our work on the HIV front, especially on Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT). I particularly enjoyed the fact that the gathering was built on the premise of generosity of spirits and true sharing for the benefit of all. Thank you for sharing with us [Rachel House]. I hope we can one day return the favor in some way.

Lynna Chandra

Founder, Rachel House

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