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Krista Hendry is Chief of Operations at Monkey Forest Consulting. She has deep experience in civil society and conducting human rights impact assessments for natural resource companies and has developed innovative solutions to address the challenges of operating in conflict-sensitive environments, particularly regarding security and human rights.

As MFC’s chief of operations, she has worked with senior management teams and boards to create, support and lead effective programs to meet leading international standards. A former executive director of the DC-based Fund for Peace, Krista is adept at developing relationships and trust across sectors on complex issues, promoting dialogue and cooperation to develop solutions.

She has built successful partnerships between NGOs and the private sector and has experience in high-level negotiations and interactions with government and the private sector on multiple international security and human rights instruments. Krista has performed site assessments, developed training courses, and led implementation workshops on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) as well as performed and trained on conflict and human rights impact assessments at national, provincial, local and site/community levels.

As an adjunct professor, she teaches a skills institute on partnership building between NGOs and companies with Alene Gelbard at American University’s School of International Service. 

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